Aspirant Gaming | Whitelisted | CAD/MDT | Serious RP | Custom Scripts | Custom Liveries

Aspirant Gaming is looking for new, exciting personnel to join our role-playing community! Our community is driven by professional, serious role-play rooted in realism. Our training programs are formed from actual real life practices hand-tailored to fit the GTA5 universe, and encourage our players to role-play their scenes and actions as if they were living the characters life themselves.

You can join us by applying at:
Check out our public Discord as well at:


  • Custom CAD/MDT
  • Active Developers
  • Active Daily Patrols
  • No recording / social media limitations
  • Custom Documentation Website for SOPS / Training Guides / Penal Code
  • Several subdivision openings
    ** Speed Enforcement Unit
    ** Traffic Enforcement Unit
    ** Air Support Unit
  • Warrant Application System
  • Long standing character history
  • High quality custom made assets and liveries
  • Dedicated stable leadership
  • Rock solid server platform and development cycle

Our Joining Process:
Everyone that joins Aspirant gaming starts out as a civilian. If you get past the application and the interview, then you will be trained to start roleplaying as a basic civilian. After you have made it through basic civilian training you can then apply for training in LEO, Fire, Dispatch, and or any other subdivision.

* If you do not have a pc that can handle Gta5/5M then you can always apply for the Dispatch department instead!


Any age limits?

16+ age limit. I edited the post to reflect that. Sorry!

Also - We are still alive and well! Always looking for new members. Visit our app link or discord to information on how to join!

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This Discord link is invalid… :frowning:

Yep that is correct, our new discord is:

Are you still open? If so, do you make any exceptions with age limits?

We are indeed still open, but no we do not make any exceptions to the 16 age limit.