Looking For a DOJ Style Server!

Hi I am the owner of TDDOJRP and we are looking for directors, Admins and more please consider joining discord.io/TDDOJRP

I’m looking for one too but a good position

We have every positions opened

Hello there CodeControlGaming.
My name is Lime with Network of Reality, most realistic trainer based roleplay community in 2019 with over 180 civilian vehicles and vehicles from GTA IV and GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City. We’re a non-esx and non-els, and we mainly roleplay in Los Santos. So why are we unique? Well that list can go on to a thousand pages, but a few of the reasons are that we don’t have “DOJ” in our name. With already 140 resources (add-on vehicles/scripts) and over 180 civilian vehicles, we will make sure that we offer you the best roleplay experience you will ever have on FiveM.

We also have the content that many if not most communities on FiveM don’t even have! That’s just a big :+1: for us! We allow police impersonation because that will get you arrested in real life. So we had the same thought here, you can fly aircrafts without license but expect some consequences. Whenever we want to restart our server, it takes just 15 seconds! Faster than any other community with 140 resources (or less :wink: )

Our primary focus is to make the game feel like real life, and to make sure everyone would be able to make real life things happen in the server, that means we don’t say “That’s not legit” like the abusive staff does on other communities!

Best parts of the community?
We allow you do the things that would get you BANNED on most communities!


  • Federal Aviation Administration - FAA
  • San Andreas Military - SAM
  • Los Santos Police Department - LSPD
  • Los Santos Fire Department and Paramedics - LSFD
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office* - BCSO
  • Federal Investigation Bureau - FIB
  • San Andreas Park Ranger - SAPR
  • San Andreas Dispatchers - SAD
  • Civilians (aka Verified Civilian) - CIV
  • If you have any questions, feel free to add me on discord Network of Reality | Lime#1301 .
    Official Network of Reality Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4Pp4pRE
    Server IP:
    Server Name: Network of Reality

P.S. We also are on the lookout for staff!

Hello @CodeControlGaming I would like to welcome you to Los Santos State First Responders!
We are a friendly FiveM roleplaying community that welcomes all our members with love and passion!
If you would like to read more about LSSFR (Los Santos State First Responders) our advertisement is: Black Line RP
If you’d like to join our Discord the link is: https://discord.gg/5Z6AvF6
If you’d like to join the server the IP is:

-Thanks ~Casper Ghost

Aspirant Gaming

hello im From OSRP I am the head admin and head developer we are looking for members No0

Asylum Roleplay. TeamSpeak: asylumroleplay.teamspeak3.org

We are a new community and are looking for people. Right we have 7 man patrols and looking to add that. We would be more than happy to take ideas from you or suggestions. So feel free to check out our server.

Thank you, Asylum Roleplay Staff

Be sure to check out CityLife | Serious RP. We are a smaller community with dedicated staff looking to expand and one thing we have that stands out is a custom server build for a smooth experience, allowing you to focus on the RP and not bugs. Check out our Discord [Please unlist this ad and reset the insane number of views] for more info. Thanks!

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Sacramento COunty RP has you coverd :slight_smile:

and much, much more (160+ scripts and 480+ add ons)

DriFt Ragnarok#4317 on discord
Hope to see you soon! :smiley:


HorizonzRP is looking for people like yourself !
Server is DOJ oriented.
We are esx based, 64 slots, and looking to grow and fill community positions /staff.
Talent like yours is hard to come by and would love to see you join our ranks !

i believe he said NON ESX

Add me @ Jerry#9935. I believe I know something great that might interest you.

Edit still looking for a decent server i do not care if your just starting out or not but please no bs and mature people is preferred, i do have a few years of experience in multiple areas. Please reply to this topic or send me a discord message @TheTrueCabbage#4000

I got u hit me back if u ant to join

https://discord.gg/zutMMCr we are a small growing community we would love to have you