Can someone tell me if there is an VRP anti-cheat for spawning weapons, peds and ozn’s?
Or for giving like weapons to pleayers…

Blacklist script?

Did u use some framework? Say more details from your server

Try this native GetPlayerInvincible(Player player)

vrp, sorry

didn’t fivem already have better anti cheat than gta online?

yes it does, but still some mod menu’s bypass it…like on my server, when someone does a live stream we get lots of cheaters and they just shoot everyone, spawn clones with rpg’s, yachts…

Have you tried sv_scriptHookAllowed 0 instead of sv_scriptHookAllowed 1 in server.cfg?

yes, 100%

have you checked out AntiCheese … sounds like what you’re looking for.

i did, but it bans players when they respawn, even if i comment out the line for anti-teleport…

For disable anti-teleport, you need to set Speedhack to false

i will try, thanks