AIStrikesV - AI driven airstrikes!

:open_mouth: i’m too tired to write in proper english :^)

Stick to your Italian :it:

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believe it or not, i speak better english than italian lol

Add it in so all the arr pee servers crash when they use it :wink:

Could definitely use some loops :joy:

Here’s this turned into a module for the Universal Menu with permissions from OP. (48.4 KB)

(Without the Armageddon option as it’s broken)

Edit: Updated for v2.1.2


it won’t crash lmao, explosions will just not show or the bullets won’t be shot

Got a short video showcasing one or every airstrike?

Good work as always!

it’s hard to take videos while gaming on a :potato: , so no, unfortunately i do not
:frowning:, if i remember, i’ll get one next month when i’ll rebuild my potato into an actual gaming desktop lol

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I made a video (still processing):


Thanks for the video! :slight_smile: for anyone asking why sometimes it didn’t work when he called the command, it’s because you can’t call multiple heavy or medium attacks at the same time, you have to wait for the ongoing one to end. I will try to fix the kamikaze bombushkas as soon as possible anyway :^)

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What a cool script. Makes the game much more fun. You can use this to troll people on RP servers if it’s installed… who said that :neutral_face::joy:

This is awesome. I’m going to (ab)use this to punish trolls/idiots on our servers. Thanks dude!

The resource loads fine and when I type in the command the aircraft spawn and start flying towards my location. However, unless I am near an airfield they drop their payload far short then fly to a random location and sit there.

This is soo cool. Gonna use this for a Roleplay. Gonna be sweet. Thanks for this.

are you using either vrp or esx by any chance? Also your server’s name would be great to know :slight_smile:

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Tried this in my zombie server and most of the time the aircrafts either don’t show up unless spamming the command or entering a second time or they come in and just fly around or fall to the ground. Also can you make it to where it picks a random spot to airstrike around the player in the distance instead of on top of them?


Hi, thanks for the feedback. Your issue seems very much likely to be caused by slow hard disk or such, as I experienced it myself on a low end machine and on a high end one everything was fine. Even on the low end one, you would only have to enter it twice the first time. The kamikaze bombushkas is a problem I’ll try to solve when I have time/when I’ll want to anyway. And yeah the airstrike will be launched on the user’s marker position in the future.

Would it be less glitchy if I temporary change the bombushaka in another plane?

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yes, lazer should be fine.

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