AIM-RP Deathmatch | The #1 PvP server for Roleplayers!


AIM-RP Deathmatch is a discord-whitelisted Free For All type of deathmatch server and community, where roleplayers are encouraged to train their aim and combat skills at specific community decided locations (like the Vagos Barrio, Fudge Lane, or Grove Street for example) with modified weapon damages, optimized spawn points, and recoil. The server also has various Freeroam features from the Los Santos V framework such as heists, survival missions, etc.

You are also able to purchase your favorite GTA V cars with in-game money and have awesome car PvP fights against the other players on the server - just like you would in a car shootout on your favorite RP servers.

What separates AIM-RP from the other deathmatch servers is the fact that it has crosshairs disabled for everyone and the gunplay feels nice and rewarding - just like on your favorite serious roleplay servers! The spawn points are randomized around the chosen combat area to create an authentic PvP experience with a different exchange of bullets each time you run into an enemy.

Be the person with the highest KD/A, the highest prestige/level, or the person with the sickest cars and player model! There is so much to do on AIM-RP to guarantee yourself from not getting bored for even a moment!

There are several of ways to progress, earn experience, money, and purchase/unlock different weapons, vehicles, player models, and other perks in-game and on Discord!

Connection info: connect

Feel free to come and try us out, we’d love to have you!

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