AIM-RP Deathmatch | The #1 PvP server for Roleplayers!

Huge quality of life update happening today!

Amazing updates coming real soon!

Exciting times ahead!

Past 5000 members, sick update coming soon with reworked guns, recoil, and vehicles!

5000 members and still counting, next update gonna be fire. Many things to come and do on here!

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Exactly what Roder said, big things coming and we keep on growing!

Update is being worked on daily, should be ready for public release soon!

We’re also working on a community server on Rust, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Big quality of life update coming soon™️. You don’t want to miss out on this!
Join the fun today.

5500+ members passed, big things coming.

Today’s the launch of our Rust server, details on our Discord.

AIM-RP is growing every single day, I love to see it.

Server is temporarily down due to a DDOS attack, feel free to join the Discord!

It’s a good day to join AIM-RP!

Getting closer and closer to the next big update.