Advanced Spectate | Screen view | Stats system

Advanced Spectate

Introducing Advanced Spectate! Elevate your admin capabilities by directly spectating players from their in-game perspective. Unlock a multitude of possibilities, from cheat detection to enhancing gameplay supervision. This script includes the following features:

  • Stats system (K/D ratio, damage dealt, headshots, body shots, and more)
  • Real-time screen view functionality
  • Live player statistics (FPS, ping, health, and more)

Discover the rest of its powerful features in-game!

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1500
Requirements None, it can work as standalone
Support Yes

open version?

Do you mean open source version ?

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Big poggers :heart:

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Check my other scripts :

Can you add an option to remove the IP identifier from the copy Identifiers button please?
And perhaps a resizable window too?

What do you mean by resizable window? The player screen or the entire UI?