Advanced Inventory Systems

We do not currently have anything more than the text-based readme files, however, we are going to be adding examples in the future with code snippets, for now we are willing to help with anything that is reasonable :slight_smile:

Hello Avalanche,
We have something like Safe Inventory. And custom stashes, does this system supports things like that? Safe Inventory is opening with standart inventory but it’s not removing containing items if you die. Works just like stashes. Can we do something like this with your script?

Hello. Just here to give my review. I believe this is an amazing script, however if you are not far enough in coding to understand jQuery (or know someone who does) you will struggle with this script. If you are working with Fiverr developers and expect them to install this, it would not be wise for you to buy this script. I have been told by 6 different Fiverr devs that they are not able to figure it out.

Though this script developer does offer support via discord, it is unfortunately sporadically- as I’m sure he has a life to attend to outside of this script :wink:

I will be keeping it however, in hopes that more detailed installation instructions will be provided in the future.

Evening i have a question we do not have the weight system but the limit system is that a problem?


Hey, i have buy yesterday but i dont get a Email… only from Tabex…
I dont have a Email from you, dont Discord nothing…
Can you tell me how long i need to wait?

Thanks :wink:

Did u made some new updates or something rly want to buy this one soon

When the inventory is opened an event is called. You can configure this so it opens a private inventory for everyone individually. Same thing goes with stashes.

We appreciate your input and are making adjustments so the resource is more user-friendly. No jQuery experience is required to operate/modify the inventory. However basic FiveM knowledge in lua, C#, or js is preferred to use the exports/events and expand the inventory to your liking.

It does not matter the configuration as the inventory uses both uses both size and weight, provided is a function to see if items can fit into the inventory, if it is weight or limit this is what is replaced.

We aim to complete all orders within 24 hours, you should have received the email by now, if not please send us a PM and we can help you there :slight_smile:

The updates we are currently working on are to make things more user-friendly. When the inventory is no longer in beta it will receive feature updates rather than QoL.

Hey, I’m waiting for the e-mail for a good 24 hours until I have received no PN have you received from me will be cool if you can help


Sorry about the wait, the information has been sent to your email. If you need any more help send us a private message :slight_smile:

Hey @AvalancheProductions do you haved test server? i want test it when i buy it. :slight_smile: and…this mega script is writen in Lua or C#? Can u printscreen memory usage from resmon? And please, can i usage this one Es_extended v1 Final?

It’s still very early stages last i used it. It’s c# and obfuscated(which can be frustrating since you can’t modify certain thing and such). But it was really nice and don’t think it ran too high in the resmon.

does anyone use this system? people write that this is pre-alpha, is it so?

It’s deffently very early stages, but it does work. just some features are not 100% or missing entirely


Hi do i get my download link emailed or Dm’s on cfx? :grinning:

@Nate your script not working and we wait 3 weeks for support!!!

do not pay … its not working

right we have the same problems … and we wait 3 weeks for support … dont buy!

@AvalancheProductions hi dude, i buy the script, where is the dowload? grrrrr

Don’t buy, there is no support and it works not really usable

@AvalancheProductions Great script, great support, anyone that says otherwise probably expects their hand to be held while installing