Advanced Furnace - Smelt your minerals

Advanced Smelting System

This resource allows players to place a furnace and cook minerals.

The furnaces have a degradation system so players must upkeep it.

For smelting minerals you need to add wood and it will return coal.

The furnaces are synced between players.

Each mineral has it’s own config and you can set up the right temperature for them to be smelted.

The mini game result defines the fire temperature.

And much much more!

Everything is fully customizable.

More details:

  • Everything server sided so if you deposit something in there it will be available for anyone to pick up, and everything keeps going on server restarts without losing data.

  • Different people can add stuff so it kind of works in batches with time control so people can go there deposit and the others can collect when ready.

  • Only the minerals that smelt at the configured temperature will get smelted.

  • Maintaining the prop is done by repairing adding the items in the config like stones and iron. This will act like a timer for the object to stay in game.

  • You can configure the timer based on a couple configurable values.

  • Fuel(ex. wood) will get consumed together with the minerals but you add it separately.

  • The fuel returns you and item, so if you burn wood you get coal.

  • About the temperature control it happens when you start the furnace. so nothing will be happening before you actually start the fire and make the temperature control.

  • For the temperature you have a config for each one of the mineral you will smelt.

  • If you actually reach average temperature close to the one in the config it will cook the minerals otherwise it will just burn wood.

  • Built-in notifications.

  • There are some more detail i might have forgot.

This resource allows players to place a furnace and cook minerals based on the temperature of the fire.
You need to feed the fire otherwise it won’t start.
The furnaces have a degradation system so players must upkeep it.
The furnaces are synced between players.
This is OneSync compatible.
Currently i made it work on vorp but i will make it standalone very soon and include open server side for custom frames and server files made for the others.
Everything is fully customizable.
I am always up to make the script better so don’t think twice and reach me :cowboy_hat_face:

Updated to v0.0.2

  • Added config to set object degradation on/off, so if you want the objects will persist.
    This way owners can choose where the furnaces. If you turn on it they will destroy if not maintained.

Updated to v0.0.3

  • General bug fixing and improvements


My other scripts:

Code is accessible Config file (server file for custom frames soon)
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements Curently vorp but i will make it Standalone
Support Yes

I have purchase this, just waiting for the standalone. Is there a timescale?

the script is mess like this guy doesnt have anything. Like on Config it doesnt explain nothing he just drop a config file and nothing else. He dont even said if you need item or command. I dont recommend this developer for any purchase