Advanced Anti-Cheat - Secure Multiplayer

Hey FiveM Community! Today I bring you an Anti-Cheat that I am working on for months.

Now before you choose to click off and keep scrolling down the list, take a second and look what we have to offer. This Anti-Cheat offers things like no others, from discord features to advanced configuration!

Some may ask, what sets us apart from others?

  • Strong Executor & Menu Detections.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Steam, Rockstar, IP, Hardware ID bans.
  • Constant Update and New Features.
  • Optimization System.
  • And much more…
Anti-Cheat Features
  • Anti-Cheat Optimization.
  • Spoofed Computer Detection.
  • Event Protection (Proxy).
  • Server Password System.
  • Ban Command.
  • Unban Command.
  • Clear Objects Command.
  • Cheater Report System.
  • Anti Executors.
  • On Screen Menu Detection.
  • Anti Give Weapon
  • Anti Remove Weapon
  • Anti Player Blips
  • Anti Particles
  • Anti Damage Modifier
  • Anti Weapon Pickup
  • Anti Remove From Car
  • Anti Spectate
  • Anti Freecam
  • Anti Explosion Bullet
  • Anti Night Vision
  • Anti Thermal Vision
  • Anti God Mode
  • Anti Infinite Ammo
  • Anti Teleport
  • Anti Invisible
  • Anti Resource Stopper
  • Anti Resource Starter
  • Anti Vehicle God Mode
  • Anti Vehicle Power Increase
  • Anti Vehicle Speed Hack
  • Anti Vehicle Spawn
  • Anti Ped Spawn
  • Anti Plate Changer
  • Anti Cheat Engine
  • Anti Rage
  • Anti Aim Assist
  • Anti Kill All
  • Anti Solo Session
  • Anti Cheat Heartbeat
  • Blacklisted Names
  • Blacklisted Explosions
  • Blacklisted Weapons
  • Blacklisted Vehicles
  • Blacklisted Objects
Anti-Cheat In-Game Commands
  • smban [ID] [REASON] [TIME]
  • smunban [BAN-ID]
  • smcobj [ID]
  • creport
Anti-Cheat Config File


Anti-Cheat Preview


Is this using the Escrow System?
Yes and the reason why is due to the fact that if our detections got out people would figure out ways to get around them so it is important they are hidden behind this system! But don’t worry mostly everything needed for changing is in the config!

What are the pricing options?
Well I’m glad you asked! We have multiple options for every type of budget! Wether it be going straight for the Lifetime purchase or going for the weekly payment!

Where can I purchase this?
Tebex Link

Documentation For Install:
If you were wondering if we have a nice and neat way to install you are in luck! We have an amazing documentation on our Anti-Cheat Installation that will help you incase of a need! You can access it here

Code is accessible Config Only
Subscription-based Yes & No
Lines (approximately) ~2450
Requirements screenshot-basic
Support Yes


Bro you copied like 90% of the text from this post. I mean learn how to write your own posts man…

Yea, I am not the best at writing… :sweat_smile:

How can i give perms to myself?
No info in docs!

I updated the docs.