Add extra vehicles (e.g. New made slots)

How do I add more vehicle slots? So, if there are default Police1-5, and I already replaced them, how can I create Police6, or any named vehicle? I know it is possible, because somebody did it for me once. I want to create them and then Spawn By Name. Any tutorial already made? I don’t know specifically what the name for this would be.


you convert vehicles to addons and that will create the extra spots

Im not sure I understand… Obviously we can just swap out whatever cars to whatever cars we want, but if I put a cop car in say the ruiner spot, then all runiers that drive around will be cop cars.
Is there a tut on how to add cars on and spawn them by name?

yea thats why the addon version is only there when you spawn it in with a trainer cuz the gameconfig doesnt spawn those cars and look in the release section i released addon resources with emergency cars

now that would be awesome… let me see if I can find that. thank you

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