Action Controls disabling

Hello everyone, i want to disable the controls of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 but the problem is when i disable one of them the “tab” menu so where you can select your weapons is disabled aswell is there anyway to only disable these actions and not disabling the weapons menu?

That shouldn’t happen… Because 1-9 (see screenshot) only disable a specific weapon for quick selection.

TAB is controlled by a very different Control ID:

If you’re trying to use 1-9 while having TAB open, rather than selecting them with your mouse, then yes they will be disabled. To fix that you’d have to make a check that checks for TAB being pressed, if that’s the case then enable 1-9, as soon as TAB is released you can disable them again.

What i was trying todo is disabling the controls 1-9 but when you disable one of them you just can’t open the tab menu.

I’ll have to test that out some other time because that isn’t supposed to happen, though the fix of checking if TAB is pressed (either using IsControlPressed(0, 37) or using IsDisabledControlPressed(0, 37)) and then re-enabling the 1-9 keys could probably fix this issue either way.