911Improved | V.1.0.0

What is it?
911Improved is one of my newer scripts and was put out pretty quick so if there are bugs, please let me know. It is a 911 system where you can do /911 [report] in-game and you can call for LEOs or whoever to your location. It also uses a webhook where you can setup in your server.lua and it sends the 911 call to your discord server. Also, when you do /911 [report], it shows up with a circle around the general area for a more realistic look and feel!

discord log

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Moved to releases, please work up your trust level to post in releases for your next release.

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Will do! I have been trying as well. Thank you for moving it

Hey Adam,

I added this into my server and love it so far, only one issue. Is there a way to change how long the blip is there for? and can I change the size?

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I need to ask this, as this is a zip, instead of a github link (where i could check this instead of asking it)…
Does the alert/map circle display ONLY to “selected jobs, ie LEOs” ?

Nice release anyways, as a tip, next time it’s better if you use github instead of a zip file.


It was show up globally in the chat. The circle will also appear for everyone aswell. In the next version as well, I will make it an option where only selected people say as someone does /911call or something like that, they will be able to view the 911 call. This will also be a customizable feature that you can change to true or false! Also in the next version, I will move the file over to a GitHub for easier access. Thank you for your feedback!

Edit: The link has now changed to a GitHub Repository. Also, you can now change the radius of how big the circle is. Next version will contain the only LEO mode which was thought of above so thank you Hiso!

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Of course you can, at the top of the client.lua, there is a blipTime at the top of the page, change that time into seconds. Also for the size in the client.lua, you can change the size by scrolling down a bit and look for the line that says “local blip = AddBlipForRadius(x, y, z, 175.0)”, change that 175.0 to something larger or smaller and then restart the resource and there ya go! In the next update. I will put the blip radius as a customizable feature!

How do I add the webhook to discord? I can’t add the link to a webhook.


If you talking about a discord webhook, you need to create one by going to Server Settings and Integrations.

Can u integrate a postal code into the 911 command, maybe like /911 [REPORT] [POSTAL] ? :smile:

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Possibly in the next version, I would love to introduce a postal in this. I may use the nearest-postal script and give the creator credit for it. Would love to have that in!

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Can you explain to me how I can add the bot to discord? I can’t seem to get it to work, just explain to me in steps how to do it please.

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There is no bot needed. You need to create a webhook by right clicking on the channel you want, Integrations then create the webhook. Copy the URL that it will provide for you and replace it with the one in the config. Then you should be good to go. Sorry for the late response.

for Qbus?

I’m not sure why nobody has responded to this. No it doesn’t require it. As far as supporting it I’m uncertain.

It’s possible add Date and Time line?

can I set only onduty people could see the 911 call? thanks