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What is this script?

coachAviator is a simple casino game script that offers a chance of winning money. Like every other gambling game there is a significant chance of losing it all. With well-described config you can easily change chances of winning. coachAviator can be played using a command but its also possible to implement it in one of your scripts by using simple code export. Script itself is designed to work with ESX and QBCore but by editing an open-sourced file you can make it compatible with any other framework.


  • Aviator casino game
  • Play with money or items
  • Configurable chances of winning
  • Can be standalone
  • Sound effects
  • Easy setup with well-described config file
  • Clean UI design
  • 100% customizable translations
  • Discord webhook logs
  • Almost instant support and requested features implementation


0.00ms all the time

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements Can be standalone
Support Yes

Brilliant script mate, love to see stuff like this! Great work pal.

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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it :))


  • Fixed version check
  • Added missing UI translations to config file

Price reduced to 10€!

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Awesome. We bought it and this is insane.

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Thank you sir :))

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Update 30.12

  • Fixed problem with items not being removed after placing a bet with Config.UseItem set to true (both for qb and esx)

Released open-source version of the script here (20% off until tommorow):money_with_wings: