[PAID][ESX/QB] coachOfficeRobbery - Rob offices across the city!


What is this script?

Tired of heists based on standing in one marker for 20 minutes? With coachOfficeRobbery you can give your players creative way for making money and spending time on your server. 3 difficulty levels, 3 interiors, lasers and CAMERAS! Rob offices in a stealth or loud way. If you are not afraid of cops then just run through those lasers, but if you are a mastermind you can make a plan and cops won’t even notice you.

Purchase here: 18€ + VAT


  • Rob Offices across the city
  • 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) with different interiors and loot
  • Innovative security cameras system with detection zone
  • Stealth or loud approach
  • Police alerts (100% configurable)
  • Blacklist specific jobs from doing robberies
  • Hack security to turn of cameras and lasers for specific amount of time
  • Sell loot to dealer with configurable prices
  • 100% configurable loot
  • 100% configurable translations
  • Easy to import items with images for ox_inventory/qb-inventory
  • Clear installation steps
  • Open source notification, progressbar, police alert files to work with your scripts
  • Highly optimized code (0.00ms except when being inside office)
  • Discord webhook logs

Few images

Config file: LINK


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Code is accessible No excepts notifications, alerts, progressBar and minigames
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) lua 1900
Requirements QBCore/ESX + qb-target/ox_target and any IPL Loader
Support Yes
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  • Added Config.ShowLootText - Enable/Disable loot counter in bottom-right
  • Fixed bug that caused player to be able to go back to office after finishing the robbery

Update is available on keymaster

Does the update fix the players ability to spam the start robbery and make millions :smiley:

The only part of the script that gives player money is selling items. Starting the robbery gives you nothing at all.

If you want to report a bug feel free to open a ticket on my discord. I will be glad to help you.

What im saying is they spam the start robbery then when the sell the item they get quadruple the amount

Can you please open a ticket on my discord?


  • Added Config.SellCooldown - cooldown after selling items
  • Added security checks to prevent cheaters from exploiting the script
  • Fixed bug that caused qb-target to crash when using Config.DrawSprites
  • Rewritten selling logic

Update is available on keymaster