1184 Vehicle Problems


Using canary? N
Windows version: 10


Operating system: Windows
Artifact version: 1184
Resources: 123


Summary: Strange networked vehicle behavior
Actual behavior: Vehicle cannot be driven by anyone other than who spawned it, or it does not sync it’s location.
Steps to reproduce: Spawn car and drive car (this works); Exit Car; Someone else enter car and drives it around. At this point the car is broken, cannot be entered and is frozen in location.
Server/Client? Both?
.dmp files/report IDs:

log_kn0pee_client.log (5.2 MB)

log_server.log (16.2 MB)

1030476 - Jnr Dink (Player 2) gets in vehicle
1045997 - Jnr Dink (Player 2) exits vehicles and teleports to the location he drove the vehicle

Did the other client capture a log? It’s fairly critical to have all logs for cases like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Derp didn’t attach it… give me a few

Old mate assistant is MIA, I’ll redo the test shortly

client_p1 = kn0pee (id 5)
client_p2 = pumparn (id 6)

client_p1.log (4.0 MB)
client_p2.log (2.5 MB)
server.log (16.1 MB)

Enter car - 5014480
Exit car - 5024966
Netid - 3559682

Sorry for the delay

Right - this server change seemingly exposed a client bug with migration leading to excessive clone creation events.

This’ll be fixed next client update, hopefully.

Awesome! I’ll let you know next update if I notice improvements!

For the short time I did test it with a full server I noticed a huge improvement with duplicate vehicles both on roads (especially highways) and stationary too!

Appears to be fixed in the latest canary build (build 1131910 / artifact 1186). Thanks again!

Your video really shows the scenario that happens on my server.

Even after the latest build? Keep in mind this is only live on canary branch at the moment, so unless you have it set you will still have the issue.

I found a problem in causing the player to lose the car and was shocked.