Zombie Mod on own private server


I would like to make a server with zombies. How should I do this? I already have 10 dozens of videos viewed. But no one could help me.

Do in need to put the mod in server folder, so that players download this? How does this work?

I would like to have this mod on the server: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-zombies

Do i need to put also ScriptHookDotNet, NativeUI, ScriptHookV in the server folder?


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Can’t use it. FiveM blocks scripthook.net.

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That is a single player mod which will not work in multiplayer in it’s current format. You’d have to rewrite the mod for multiplayer.

However there is a zombie mod in progress that is made for FiveM, you can download it here and put it on your server:


Thanks for the fast answer.

So normally you can’t install mods from the website in your server.

How you rewrite that? Is it difficult?


Generally, only mods from this site will work on your server because most other mods are made only for single player and therefore are not compatible with FiveM.
If you know LUA or C# then it wouldn’t be too hard, it would just take some time.

When i host my own FiveM Server, the mod will not load… Or well, it will load. But there is no Zombies, No Cars, No guns / Loot, No grass on the roads. No Nothing…

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