Zap-Hosting RedM (Linux) looking for a framework that will run off of this server. Tried multiple but none work

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I have an up-to-date version of RDR2 and it is a Legit copy of the game. However, I paid for the Zap-Hosting RedM (Linux) server as a complete noob (Kinda learning that was my first mistake…).
Only to find out that nothing runs correctly because its Linux. I have only been able to find Windows based Role-play frame works, like “VCORP or RedEM”. Granted I am a complete noob at this whole “FiveM” thing; I manage to get the VCORP framework to work for a day but sadly it turned into a glitchy mess.
There seems to be a huge “gate-keeping” of how to set this stuff up properly. All of the tutorials I try to follow skip over important info, or don’t offer any way to plug the server up to Zap-Hosting. I’m kind of tempted to just learn how to build my own Linux based framework, but I feel I’d be losing money if I did that because of how long that would take to develop.

Would someone be able to help me figure out how to get a framework working for my Zap-Hosting RedM (Linux) server? I am at a complete loss. Or does anyone know of Role Play framework that actually work on Zap-Hosting?

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Hey there!

Through your gameserver, you should be able to install any framework you wish, through the use of FTP client such as Filezilla in order to transfer the files, as seen in our guide here. Likewise, you would have to use the database that is provided on your ZAP-Hosting panel and import DB files into there.

From looking at the RedEM:RP docs for example, the installation requires you to install a few resources, as well as a database. This can be done once again through FTP for your resources. You can gather your database connection string from the ZAP panel and also access your database through a link that is provided, in order to create the tables and import the .sql file that the framework would require.

I recommend having a quick glance over our RedM resource installation guide which shows how you can download and install the necessary resources that the framework docs describe to your RedM server. For reference, you can edit your server.cfg on the ZAP-Hosting web interface panel.

Hope this helps! :grinning:
~ J

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