You scamed

I did not want to buy your usljugi because already 2 months ago I was cheated on 80 pln looking today at the account balance and so I collected money request their return otherwise the case will go to the police

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What? did you perhaps cancel the re-occuring payments? as it does not happen on its own…


Bro what

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After 15 years working on Tech support and on computers/IT, I’ve seen this kind of drivel speak before.

There isn’t any coherency in this… like… at all. You don’t take wired-fraud/ to the Police anyways… you take it to a law firm that specializes in it. (Hint: They won’t help you, because you agreed to payments you didn’t stop in time… noob.) lol…


hello, i request to block snakerp server and block domain because it was stolen from me

wt., 22 lis 2022, 01:39 użytkownik Leo_Stenbuck via Community <[email protected]> napisał:

This topic makes zero sense, if you want to report a server please do so by going to which i believe is the appropriate place to report such things.