You need to seek medical attention

you need to seek medical attention

that’s the message that always comes out when my character is dying, but I’ve been looking for a long time and I can’t find what the file or script is to be able to modify it since I need to translate it, I need your help please

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take a look throughout your scripts find something maybe with hospital or something

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I was looking at all the scripts, from hospital, from esx_extended even looking for the lines where notifications are shown and nothing, I can’t find it, and I’m already dizzy xD hahaha

Install VS Code and use search across files with Ctrl + Shift + F:

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I’ve used that in every script and I can’t find it, I have about 150 resources on my server and I’ve looked in all the scripts and even in esx_extended and I can’t find it …

You would need to open your resources folder in VS Code and then use Ctrl + Shift + F. Also you can try to search not a whole string, but just a part of it, like:

  • medical attention
  • You need to seek


If you still can’t find anything, then it is possible that you have compiled resource in .dll files (C#).

It may be that, but it is also another mess to find that line …

There is no one who knows where that line is who can help me to know in which script or file it is located?

That is not from default Esx it doesn’t not seem. It is a script you have installed and no one but you can look for it. Try disabling scripts you aren’t sure of in the cfg to disable script and then test if that cause the issues

thank you all for your contribution, it has been found in the section of injured animations …