[YMAP] Unlock Villa Gates At Cayo Perico


I didn’t plan to initally update this but rather than replacing the gate prop, I’ve just changed the flag to make it unlocked.

This simple ymap unlocks the gates at the large Villa on the Cayo Perico Island making it accessible by foot or vehicle.

Instructions if using dope-island-hopper:

Simply put the contents of the stream folder into an existing map mod (Makes no sense to run it as a single resource)

Instructions if using a streamed version of Cayo Perico

Place the contents of the stream folder into your stream folder for Cayo Perico.


Download it here from Github



sorry just saves people having to download a pic of what you made lol

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Thanks lol I don’t like using forums or any kind of social media really so I’m not the smartest at using them.

I updated the ymap anyhow to just unlock the gates rather than replacing them. I’m new to ymaps and MLOs so I’m just sharing things as I learn as it’s from free content thats been posted here that I learned LUA :slight_smile: