[YMAP] Highway Lights /3GM/ [Paid]


Experience the world of nocturnal adventures with the new exterior of the tracks from our studio! Now every highway on the map will come alive with vibrant colors, thanks to the breathtaking street lighting specially designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of nocturnal streets, where the gleams of the streetlights come to life, luring you into thrilling adventures. Now your path will be illuminated by the bright light of roadside lamps, adding realism and a sense of presence in the virtual world of Los Santos.

Get ready for thrilling races, dynamic pursuits, and unforgettable adventures on the roads of GTA V, enveloped in vivid rays of electric light! You won’t be able to resist the magic of road lighting that transforms your game into a real show! Welcome to the city of lights!

  • You can see the implementation of this bridge in this 👁‍🗨Video

  • You can buy this model in our :receipt:Tebex


| 📌 | When will new packages be added?

We will add a new package every month, subscriptions will be instantly updated.

| 📌 | Can I change the textures to fit with my server?

Sure! We allow you to change the textures in our YTD to fit your own server.

| 📌 | Can I edit the resources to work with other maps?

Yes, we leave all vanilla files unlocked.

| 📌 | Are your packages optimized?

We do our best to optimize all our content for low-end server configuration, from the models to the textures themselves.

| 📌 | Do I need a specific FiveM server version to run your packages?

Your server artifacts are likely outdated. Update your server to version 2699 or above. Make sure your gamebuild is 5848 or above.

| 📌 | Do you make commissioned work? (interiors/props/weapons)

We don’t. You can suggest future releases on our discord.

| 📌 | Where can you get help for any issues related with our content?

We offer support to all our paying customers via our Discord server.

| 📌 | Can I transfer my purchase to another account?

You can transfer ownership of assets once by navigating to ‘Purchased assets’ on Keymaster. From there you can select the ‘Transfer to another account’ option and enter the account name of the person you want to transfer the content to.

| 📌 | Do you only offer a subscription?

Alongside our subscription package, we also offer standalone versions of our releases.

| 📌 | How can I cancel my subscription offer?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. All your access will be revoked instantly until you resubscribe. Cancel your suibscription here.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Optional, all our content is available on a subscription plan and as a standalone
Lines (approximately) No
Requirements FiveM Server Last build
Support Yes, we provide support on our Discord server

Update :up: :man_technologist:.

Seem like a pointless ymap when there citylights that also free etc

Looks really cool, but what about optimisation, any issue?

We’ve created lodlights, lod distance was set to 120. We tested the package using GTX 1070 (unfortunately we have no video card with worse performance) and got 75+ fps

We are sorry that you think there are many similar works. However, we would like to note that all such projects have been implemented for single-player games and, judging by the comments, they have some drawbacks. Our project, on the other hand, is designed for multi-user projects and was executed with a higher quality.

Ok looks great, well done I will buy it, maybe I will follow sone discount on discord :saluting_face:

Yes, well we are waiting for you in our discord

Update :up: :man_technologist: