Yes and no

Its alright for what it is but some of the people in here can take things to far. They go OOC when the RP dont go their way or forget its a just a game and think this is the real deal. I Think whats really holding Legacy back is the people. Now im not saying everyone is like this but from what Iv seen its most. Almost makes it hard to talk to people in game becasue I can never tell what kind of player they are. yes that can be said for other severs but I seem to only have that problem here. Everyones ego is way too much and sometimes makes RPing in this server not so fun. From what Iv seen its the people with high egos who go OOC the most here, so just watch out for that. Now lets talk about the good. Gameplay and system in play imo is good but can always be better. Economy is Balanced imo. Crime RP is fun lots you can do even more when you meet the right people. Overall its a 5 out of 10 for me gameplay is fun but imo its the people thats holding it back. Now iv met some dope ass people here also so take what im saying with a grain. Cuz my exp might not be the same as yours. But from the time I put into Legacy that is what iv seen. So just be careful is all im saying.


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