XY Falcon GTHO, By Jbeenz

XY Falcon GTHO By Jbeenz
Release Date : 22/07/21

Features/Extras :

  1. Standard working features + extralights (front spotlights)
  2. No extras

Verts : 161,276
Polys : 197,235
Physical Size : 20mb

Known Issues :

  1. Gauges not working
  2. Quarter windows dont break
  3. Tinting applies to vehicle lights

Notes :
This model is made only to show a Western Australian licence plate. Standard GTA plates wont display correctly. Future updates will include plate designs from all Australian states.

Changelog :

Added Shop Mods :

Test Drive: cfx.re/join/wyzpqy (You’ll need to be whitelisted)

Tebex : https://jbeenzcreations.tebex.io/package/4589773

Spawn : Use ‘gtho’.

No permission is granted, unless requested and approved, for the distribution or re-release of this package and/or model on any other platform or service, and is for private or server use only.

im denied access to the download link?

You should be getting the approval through any second, if not already

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