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Hi! Im new to FiveM server development, and i was wondering how to make XML files to YFT?
I found these cool norwegian police cars pack, but they arnt fivem ready?

It’s quite weird for people to share XML files in regards to cars, but that’s something only “CodeWalker RPF Explorer” can do to my knowledge (it’s part of the CodeWalker “pack” of programs, basically) - you can import XMLs into RPF files using that tool.

But can i use those files in my fivem server?

Assuming you either already have or will make the .meta files for the models, why not?

All my files are YFT ?

I mean, you said you had XML files - you can import them using CodeWalker’s RPF Explorer to make YFT files out of them if it’s what I’m thinking about

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Can you help me? I dont know what to do :sweat_smile:

Just send those xml files here in an archive or something

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Ok, Il do that :slight_smile:FBI.xml (5.4 KB) FBI2.xml (5.4 KB) FBI2.xml (5.4 KB) POLICE2.xml (5.3 KB) POLICE2.xml (5.3 KB) POLICET.xml (5.3 KB) PRANGER.xml (5.3 KB) RIOT.xml (5.3 KB) PRANGER.xml (5.3 KB) SHERIFF2.xml (5.3 KB)

Thats all the files.

That’s ELS config files. You can find similar resources for FiveM. Some of them might work with those configs.

Heyy @Disquse,

Could you please assist with the below?

Trying to convert the XML file to YTD/YFT file

I’ve seen it done mainly with zombie/apocalypse themed vehicles with props attached to them. I’ve converted some in the past but the props would always disappear when saved to a garage. I’m using a persistent vehicle script now so hopefully that will save the props.Do you know of any other methods if this is even possible?