Xbox wireless controller for PC RedM server keybinds


I have been reading previous topics posted and can’t really find a solution to the problem I am having.

Is there a way to unbind keys from a controller? I am currently playing on a server on RedM called JustRP. All controller buttons work fine but there are 2 server side keybind that are on the left and right triggers. Left trigger, I press it a few milemeters and it aims, but it I press it slightly more it does the emote ‘flop on floor’ which is keybinded to ‘Z’ on the sever, so when I am hunting my body just flops off my horse and animals get away. The right trigger which fires fine brings up the servers Player List in the top center of the screen which gets in the way of what I am doing (not actually sure what the keybind for that is).

Is there a way client side to disable certain keybinds on the controller or entirely? I know FiveM servers have the server keybinds in the controls menu under ‘FiveM’ but can’t even seem to see a configure buttons option in RDR2 or on the RedM server.

Maybe some simple code I can type into console to deactivate the controller keybinds for that server?


The admin on the server would need to configure things, you as a player cannot.

I would suggest looking into reWASD to map your own controller configurations on your PC.

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Thanks for the reply, I have just tried reWASD and mapped left and right mouse buttons to the triggers on controller but it still does the same thing. It is definately a server side issue :face_with_diagonal_mouth: . Thank you for the help anyway

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easy one - get ds4windows -then u bind L2 to mouseclick right and R2 u bind to mouseclick left. tadaaaa
Further for example i did bind “toggle” key to shift. When delivery with cart/wagon, i go cinema mode then toggle shift hold…i go toilett…i come back…delivery done…^^