World Builder - Editing objects does not edit their collisions and shadows

Hi devs!

As per the title, when editing world objects (resizing, translating, scaling), the car hits the same spot where the original object was before the edits. And the shadows are saved on the ground at the same spot they were cast before the edits.

Secondary problem: cannot delete objects. After selecting world objects and the gizmo appears, “delete” will have no effect.

Off-topic extra question: where’s the repository of FxDK? Is it on GitHub?


Collisions in the game are stored as a ‘separate’ set of data compared to the display models and their placements. The World Editor at this time tries to prevent you from moving items that have a ‘pre-baked’ collision like that, but that does not cover all objects in the default game’s map (such as trees).

It is planned to add physics model editing in the future, however, including ‘automatic’ matching when moving/deleting a model.

At this point, people usually use a third-party tool known as ‘CodeWalker’ to edit the game map, they don’t have a website but there’s a GitHub repository and a Discord server that contains downloads and guides on how to do common things using the tool.

I think deleting objects isn’t currently implemented either.

It’s in the ext/sdk/ directory on the main GitHub repository. We’ve had different priorities as of late so FxDK has not been receiving as much development as we hoped it would - our apologies for that! :sweat_smile: