Work with money (cash, bank)?

how to work with money? I mean how to give player a cash or bank? I try:

 CreateMoneyPickups(-802.311, 175.056, 72.8446, 1000, 3, 0x684a97ae)

I pickup up all money pickups but my cash stil 0$ :frowning:

Thanks for any help

Are you using any framework? im not sure if gta money pickups work with most frameworks which have money like ESX or vRP

Thanks for response. I will write my own money script. Question no.2 how to hide default money bar?
I mean “CASH: 0 BANK: $0” what show right when i connect to the server. (or how to set values to this bar)

How does it look like?

Heh, how to make screenshot ? :smiley:

prtscn on your keyboard then ctrl v in the forum text editor

i try but its black everything

Play into windowed or windowed borderless

Might be es_ui

u dont use es_ui

Oh i though the game hud shouldn’t show by default, and i can only think of es_ui enabling it

Maybe this

HideHudComponentThisFrame(4) -- HUD_MP_CASH 
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That help. Thanks :slight_smile:

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