Won't launch?

I have tried everything to get this thing to launch, even redownloaded the entire 60gig game and no luck :frowning: When I try and launch nothing happens, no prompts, no errors. Here is the crash dump: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55822221/e40f82b9-631b-46d6-87d6-95f34e6d02ae.dmp

I really want to play this so please help! Also yes I have a legit copy. Thanks!

No one have any insight? I know this is early development but someone has to have the same issue as me :frowning:

Can’t you guys post more information, like your windows version, your gpu, cpu, drivers, etc??

Ok, you are on Windows 10 insider preview (build 14385) right? Start FiveReborn in win8 compatibility mode but expect some nasty graphical artifacts.

Yes that is what im on, my specs are I7-3770k, gtx 760 (Latest nvidia driver), 16gb ram and running on an ssd. I have tried both 8 and 7 compatibility mode with no luck as well as running as admin. I have tried copying the cache from a friend with no luck, and finally I reinstalled the game completely with no luck :frowning: If there is any more info you need i will gladly share it.

@Chumplee strange, it should work in win8 compatibility mode. It worked for me but I have an older build of win10. Make sure no other instances of FiveReborn are running in background, maybe try to place FiveReborn on hdd?

@Tusticles Yeah ive restarted several times so i know there isnt any running and ive also tried installing it in other places, even put a folder in the games root and no dice. When i debug the dump I get this little bit of info “Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFCEC6B86E7 (ros-five.dll) in 13975f7e-0c5e-4300-b817-04eff0e02dee.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x0000000000000000.” Might help? thanks again for taking the time to give me a hand, I really do appreciate it!

That might help the devs, not me :stuck_out_tongue:

It is above my level of comprehension.

Btw, did you upgraded to this build of win10 or it’s a clean install?

@Tusticles It was an upgrade. Haven’t had much issues with it other than this. Also i just noticed a debug file as well in the fivereborn folder. The log reads: “[0710/005525:ERROR:main_delegate.cc(764)] Could not load cef_extensions.pak
[0710/012209:ERROR:main_delegate.cc(764)] Could not load cef_extensions.pak”

Doing a google search comes up with a bunch of steam related issues but I dont own the game on steam?

@Chumplee you can ignore those errors… Btw, did you disabled Game DVR from the xbox app?

@Tusticles yeah, disabled that the day windows 10 released :stuck_out_tongue: but i just double checked to make sure it didnt turn itself back on and yes it’s still off.

Edit: I do use shadowplay though if you think that might be causing an issue?

@Chumplee I really don’t know, try to disable it and report back?

@Tusticles disabled and no luck :frowning:

The windows 10 preview builds have issues with the font renderer which makes those weird bars on your screen. This is being worked on currently.

What country are you in? Asia region?

@Boss He’s in america we have been triying to get this to work for awhile been running out of ideas to tell him to try.

@kanersps I dont care about graphical issues, I just wanna be able to play :stuck_out_tongue: If you have any insight as to why my game isnt launching pls help me out. thanks!

@Boss What he said is correct, im in America. Eastern.

Check if you OS is english, maybe you installed an asian OS incl. US language pack?

Also try to copy your friends cache file and paste it to yours.

@Boss Well I got impatient and decided to just reinstall windows :stuck_out_tongue: that fixed my issue. Just curious what made you think i had a different language pack on? As far as I could tell everything was in English lol Thanks everyone else as well for the help!