Wonder RP / SeriousRP / 18+ / New! / https://discord.gg/bC9dngj5Ea

About us: WonderRP is a fun new, and exciting community. We are very much nopixel inspired, but we definitely are trying to create a unique experience for everyone. The city is full of all kinds of serious roleplayers, new and old. Basically, this city will make you wonder what kind of roleplay you could do next. We care a lot about our community and the people in the community. We have an amazing development team always working around the clock to make sure you get the newest and the best roleplay experience.

How do I join the server? WonderRP
It’s literally pretty simple to join the discord, which is linked below. You look for the channel #read-me-first, then react with 🇼 once that is finished, you will be immediately allowlisted, and you will be able to join the server and play. Now please note this is temporary and is subject to change. When more members start coming in, then you will have to fill out an application.

Here are all of the cool, unique things you will see on the server!

Serious RP - You will find tons of serious roleplay within the community. Now please note it is an 18+ server.

Unique server UIS - We have a majority of all kinds of unique server UIS

Custom Jobs - In wonder, you can do all kinds of jobs. You can fish, hunt, mine, work for burger shots, and many other unique legal and illegal jobs.

Custom Cars - We have a ton of imports for you to choose from!

Illegal Activities - Are you a criminal/gang member looking for a new city to do illegal activities and crime? Look no further than wonder. We have it all! Find out more in character.

Custom and Unique clothing- We have tons of female and male clothing in the city. So don’t you worry if you are a female or male who is dying for clothes? WE GOT THEM!


Join our discord to get started on your roleplay journey today!

Here are some photos of the community and its people


Come check us out guys!!! New Server dope content!! SeriousRP!! Tons to do! Amazing clothing! Can’t wait for you to see this server!

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Servers got some great features and they are putting in a lot of time and effort.
Cant wait for launch!!!


Thank you so much we are trying our hardest to give everyone the best experience possible.

Can’t wait for yall to see the new upcoming updates :smiley: Yall gonna love them.

Easy to join, intense, ton of RP on my first day! This server is amazing! JOIN UP!


Come play yall won’t regret it :smiley:

Great Server I’ve been spending all my time there I love it

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:fire: :fire:NEW MOTELS AND UIS LOOKING FIRE!! :fire: :fire:

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Great city definitely has a lot of potential my favorite thing atm is probably all the clothing :slight_smile:


Getting ready to push a sick new update come check it out!

Great city and some great RP

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We are still looking for more PD and EMS if your interested come join this awesome PD force!