[WIP]-[HELP] Fivem Terminal Script (And Dev Script, hacker ...)

Hello there :smiley:

Language of script : [html, js, css, lua]
Use of script :

  • Buy and use an item to get the Command Prompt
  • Carry out missions in order to have in rewards new scripts (Legal or illegal)
  • Use your knowledge and your scripts to protect / hack all numerics stuff

Why did i wrote those message? :
Currently I am working hard on this script to make it operational.
I have many ideas to continue the improvement of it. However if you have ideas to improve it more and more do not hesitat :wink:
Thank you also for telling me what you think of the features; your critical remarks…

(25/09/2021) Preview v.01
(26/09/2021) Preview v.02
(XX/XX/2021) Preview v.03.X

(12/10/2021) Project Website
Discord Project

All commands were simplified to facilitate the use of the script.

27/09/2021 : V0.3

  • Rework code construction (now it’s an POO, bye the server.lua at 1700lines :smiley: )
  • Add command touch
  • Reworks all mecanism (groups, users, filesystem, commands)
  • When you create a file or a directory, now your permission are correctly attached
    for exemple if i’m logged as username test and group test, so the file will be ratached at test, test
  • No video today, cause same script, no new features, but tomorow :stuck_out_tongue:

29/09/2021 : V0.3.1

  • Add Services
  • Add three Hack, Search vehicle, unlock vehicle, lock vehicle
  • Add Ascii progressBar
  • Add Todo for Hacks

09/10/2021 : V0.3.3

  • Add Complete Vehicles Hack

12/10/2021 : V0.3.4

  • Vehicle Log (For mechanic job, police job…)
  • Reset to factory

13/10/2021 : V0.3.5

  • Program Recquirements
  • apt-get install service
  • apt-get remove service
  • apt-get update service port

XX/XX/2021 : V0.4.0 - not avaible -

  • TDD fivem server open

  • More Details :
    • Started : 24 / 09 / 2021

  • Commands :
    • Avaible :
      • &&
      • LS
      • CD
      • CAT
      • EXIT
      • SSH
      • SFTP
      • PWD
      • CHMOD
      • CLEAR
      • GET (26/09/2021)
      • PUT (26/09/2021)
      • MKDIR (26/09/2021)
      • NANO (26/09/2021)
      • ADDUSER (26/09/2021)
      • ADDGROUP (26/09/2021)
      • WHOIAM (26/09/2021)
      • LISTUSERS (26/09/2021)
      • LISTGROUPS (26/09/2021)
      • TOUCH (27/09/2021)
    • In Development
      • RM
      • MAN

  • Systems
    • Avaible
      • Bash
    • In Development
      • Zsh
      • Win

  • Function
    • Avaible
      • Working Terminal
    • In Development
      • Mission System

  • Applications
    • Avaible
      • ssh
      • sftp
    • In Development
      • secret :smiley:

  • Hack
    • Avaible
      • SearchVehicles (29/09/2021)
      • unlockVehicle (29/09/2021)
      • lockVehicle (30/09/2021)
      • controlStartStopEngine (30/09/2021)
      • controlStartStopLights (30/09/2021)
      • grantAccessVehicle (30/09/2021)
      • controlDoorLock (30/09/2021)
      • controlSignals (30/09/2021)
      • controlAlarm (30/09/2021)
      • uploadTrace (09/10/2021)
      • showBusDatas(10/10/2021)
      • showGpsDatas(10/10/2021)
      • factoryReset(12/10/2021)
    • Later
      • stateVehicle
      • fakeGPS
      • disableSpeedometer
      • randomizeLoaction
      • kingsman

  • AboutMe :
    • Country : France
    • Speaking in : French and English

It’s so hot, i’m hurry to see the final version !

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Hello there

I send you a new message today to ask you something :
The V0.4.X will be focused on phone hack (and radio) but do you have any request about it?
There is a list of hack avaible :

  • on Computer
    • searchPhones
    • fetchPhoneCredential
  • on Phone
    • retrieveContact
    • retrieveNumber
    • anonymeCall
    • anonymeText TEXT TO SEND
    • retrieveMessages
    • readMessage ID
    • sendMessage NUMBER TEXT TO SEND
    • copySim ==> Need with item
    • uploadTracer
    • showBusDatas
    • factoryReset

I’m not sure to finish this update before 11/2021, i’ve operation in few days so i think i will take few days off :smiley:

See you soon

Hello there,

I come back after few week of rest.
Fivem_terminal now continue with more objectives :smiley:

Now i start V.0.4.X :
Today i’ve implement Telecoms zone.
Tommorow i will implements Telecoms Hacks (Know how is connected with GSM on telecoms tower for exemple)

I will publish you soon as possible update of script.

See you soon :smiley:

Hello there,

V.0.4.1 :

  • 9 Tower avaible on the whola map (Except Cayo)
  • 9 New server avaible and linked on the tower
  • An common trigger wich told you if player can use phone or not

Warning : You have to edit you’re own phone script to detect if player was in area or not :smiley:
An exemple :

  while true do
    TriggerServerEvent('duck:telecoms:signal:check', GetEntityCoords(GetPlayerPed(-1)))

AddEventHandler('duck:telecoms:signal:recieve', function(state)
  global_signal = state

Next :

  • Find tower with new script
  • Shutdown or Start tower

See you soon :smiley:

Hello there,

V.0.4.2 :

  • new :
    • create command searchAntens wich display you distance of antens
    • create command shutdownAnten to disable an anten, you must be near of this anten (10.0 meters max)
    • create command startAnten to enable an anten, you must be near of this anten (10.0 meters max)
    • create command stateAntens wich display state of antens
    • create command createUserAnten to create an distant acces to this server an execute malware

Next :

  • Shutdown tower distant
  • Start tower distant
  • Auto restart tower after a specific duration
  • Override permission (Delayed Task)

See you soon :smiley:

Hello there,

V.0.4.3 :

  • new :
    • create command shutdown if you have root permission you can shutdown the element associated at this terminal
    • create command start if you have root permission you can start the element associated at this terminal
    • create command shutdownAnten to disable an anten, you must be near of this anten (10.0 meters max)
    • Override permission hack when you exec this script and you are user, this will add you root after few moment and so you can use root commands

  • FIX
    • put was fixed (infinite loop, yes my fault :rofl:)

  • Next :
    • Auto restart tower after a specific duration
    • list active phone in area of tower
    • some phone hacks :smiley:

See you soon

Hello there,

V.0.4.3b :

  • Improvement

    • Website documentation
    • Configuration of project
  • Next :

    • Auto restart tower after a specific duration
    • list active phone in area of tower
    • some phone hacks :smiley:
    • potential release

See you soon

Hello there

I’m working hard to improve codebase,
Actually on the code when i create an command i need to write on the code what she do, when and where. I need to make somes files to make this work on parser and controller.

for exemple before :

if cmd:find("^ls") and binaryExist("ls") then
	return terminal_global_command_ls_parser(self, cmd)

if cmd:find("^cd") and binaryExist("ls") then
	return terminal_global_command_cd_parser(self, cmd)


if cmd:find("^ssh") and binaryExist("ssh") then
	return terminal_global_command_ssh_parser(self, cmd)

Like you see the code is not really secure you can use the command sshqwe and execute ssh so it’s not good xD

Well now i used an serialized object to define command parse and more.
I prefer this method cause that will permit you later to integrate you’re own method

I need to rework the command gesture (80%) and controller (0%) but next week i think i may rework on the telecoms Update :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello there

Finally i’ve done i think with command manager (Version 0.4.4)
It took longer than expected but it’s work

Now each command was set in Configuration File
Parameters, default Value and more are set in it

Now An command was defined with :

  • An label
  • Arguments (required or not)
  • Permission Checker
  • Systeme Recquired or not

Well now i can continue work on terminal with new script (Telecoms)

See you soon

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I’m so sorry, i got a lot of problem since 2022
I’m actually making a break :confused:
But the project is still here don’t worry

Hello just an little teasing today :



This is for the PhoneHackUpdate :wink:

MySQL Implementation :

“SELECT * FROM test”
“SELECT * FROM test WHERE id = 1”
“SELECT * FROM test WHERE id >= 1”
“SELECT * FROM test WHERE id > 1”
“SELECT id FROM test WHERE id > 1”
“SELECT id name FROM test WHERE id > 1”
“SELECT id key FROM test WHERE id > 1”
“SELECT id key val FROM test WHERE id > 1”
“SELECT * * FROM test WHERE id > 1”
“SELECT id key value FROM test WHERE id > 1”
“UPDATE test SET id = 3 WHERE id = 1”
“SELECT id key value FROM test WHERE id > 1”


Parser was at 50% i mean

Database Gesture :

  • Creation, Creation Table, Creation Collumn, Creation Datas == DONE
  • Field UNIQUE == DONE

I’m preparing to refacto the Alpha of first elems to improve codebase and set as beautifull POO Obj

Which SQL Command would you want?

  • Delete was prepared
  • Field AutoIncrement
  • Field Date
  • SUM

Hello What’s up?

Few update of the projet

  • Delete OK
  • Show tables OK
  • Select Ok
  • Where OK
  • Order Not Again
  • AutoIncrement Field Ok
  • Update In Dev
  • Save Not Again
  • Loading Ok

After getting the parser, i’m gonna work on the hack of Telecoms with fake database

  • Connected Ped
  • Pending Call