windows.ui.xaml.dll crash when updating cache without launcher running


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If the cache requires an update and the launcher is not running, the game will crash at the end of “we’re getting there”. You will also see the “you must be running the launcher” error message while it finishes loading.
Server artifact version:
Expected behavior:
Dismissing the launcher prompt closes the game without crashing.
Current behavior:
Game crashes with a windows.ui.xaml.dll error.
Error screenshot:
.dmp/crash files: (208.0 KB)
Extra information:
Game does not crash if cache doesn’t need to be downloaded or if the launcher is running.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Delete a file from the cache\game folder. I deleted the RDR2.exe one.
  2. Launch RedM without the launcher running.
  3. Click Yes to update the cache.
  4. Observe the launcher error, then the game crashing when “We’re getting there” reaches the end.
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