Windows problem

Hello I got banned on gta v so I downloaded FiveReborn but when I wanted to turn it on it told me I need windows 10 (I have windows 8.1) what can I do ? I dont want to buy windows 10 because FiveReborn help please

Can you not read? The warning says ‘may lead to issues’, ‘please upgrade in case you are experiencing issues’ and ‘the game will continue to start now’. It is a warning, not an error.

Anything that happens after that is completely unrelated, and you should ask for help with that, not ‘how do i run on not windows 10???’.

An analogy: you broke your leg, but because you have a scratch on your hand, you ask (on the phone, so nobody sees your broken leg) ‘how can I walk again without fixing this scratch on my hand’, ignoring the fact that you have a fucking broken leg.