Windows 10

Has anyone tested FiveReborn on newer builds of Win10? It doesn’t work for me unless I set the compatibility of FiveReborn.exe to Win8… I’m on Win10 x64 build 14376.

works for me fine, windows 10 64bit pro build 10586.420

Fixed it, removed the read only attributes from cache\game\ros dir.

I also reinstalled SC but I’m not sure if this is even required, I think FiveReborn is using the one from cache\game\ros .

Now I have another problem… artifacts on top of the screen, sometimes they are from top to bottom and sometimes just a few pixels on top. Btw, tested 2 GPUs , AMD 7870 & NVIDIA GTX980Ti and the problem occurs on both.

I have no such problem in GTAO or any other game.



The crash is back, setting the compat to win8 is the only solution.

Sorry for posting this in the wrong section.

Weird, I’m running latest updates for Windows 10 pro and it works great.

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I suspected font-renderer.dll for causing those artifacts. Removing this line in GtaGameInterface.cpp can be a temporary solution for us

g_fontRenderer.DrawText(brandingString, drawRect, color, 18.0f, 1.0f, “Segoe UI”);

And this is not only fixing the artifacts but also the crash in main menu, no longer need to run the game in win8 compatibility.

Only the users with a newer version of windows 10 (insider preview) are affected by this weird bug.

Sadly, I cannot use the modified dll with FiveReborn :frowning:

@Tusticles Because FiveReborn thinks its a modified file which it is, so it wont run the game.

@kanersps said in Windows 10:

@Tusticles Because FiveReborn thinks its a modified file which it is, so it wont run the game.

Obviously… CoreRT more precisely.
Can’t you guys provide a quick fix for this?The game is unplayable with those artifacts flashing on screen.

It’s forwarded to the DEV’s. Perhaps they can see if something needs to be changed for this.

@Tusticles Dev’s confirmed it will be fixed. We found the problem, please standby for the update to be pushed to your client soon.