Win10 Game Crash

so i installed the fiverborn installed it and it just crashes when i launch it and says it’s stopped working… but also i get this error when i try to launch it before the fiver kicks in
telling me to update social club even tho it’s updated. i just click retry and then it launches the fiverborn but then crashes

GTA V version: 791.1
Up to date:Yes
Legit or Pirate:Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club:Social Club
Error screenshot: Error Screenshot
another interesting error: Error 2
GTA V folder screenshot:
Banned?: Image
FiveReborn client folder screenshot:
CitizinFX.log: FXLOG
.dmp files:Dump File Here
Debug Log: Download

I’ve tried reinstalling the fiverborn client deleted completely redownloaded the 3gb like 5 times still not working the first time i installed the fiverborn it worked but soon as i joined a server it crashed my game and after doesn’t work anymore.
Firewall and antivirus turned off also tried running as admin and none admin still crashes.
I can play normal gta 5 no crashes also doesn’t tell me i need to update social club it only says i need to update social club when i run fiverborn…

Ok i fixed it i put the fivereborn client into compatibility windows 7 and it worked

Glad you fixed it mate!