Will my new pc run fivem?

hey! so i planned on buying this pc, i was wondering if it can run fivem & how well, and will it have lag spikes and stuff?


motherbord: Asus ROG Strix B450-F
ram: 2 x 8 DDR4 3200mhz
cpu: AMD 5 3600
gpu: gtx 1050 2gb

please let me know if it would run fivem & how i could upgrade it to run better!

have a amazing day.

i know it’s absolutely not the best gpu, ill be upgrading it later but prices are insanely high rn.

yea it will i have a 1050 and i5 and its runs 60 fps

it’s not a i5 bro & will it have lag spikes?

and does your gpu has 2gb vram too?

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