WildRP.com - Roleplay Server view details inside (Also looking for more talented C#/JS Developers)

:mascot: We are currently looking for more talented C#/JS Developers to add to our growing dev team. -> https://wildrp.com/developer.php / https://discordapp.com/invite/kagKhnW

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Afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

If you’re interested in roleplaying in RedM (https://redm.gg/) then come and check us out at https://www.wildrp.com, we already have over 550+ members eager to get going.

Our server is focused on giving you the best possible opportunity for character development and in-depth story lines.

We are currently in closed ALPHA, and will be releasing our public BETA build soon™

Some WIP screenshots of our UI & character creation.

Join our saloon & say howdy! https://discord.gg/wildrp


Our Rules: https://wildrp.com/rules.php
Whitelist Application: https://wildrp.com/whitelist.php
Law Application: https://wildrp.com/law.php (must be whitelisted)
Developer Application: https://wildrp.com/developer.php
Staff Application: https://wildrp.com/staff.php (must be whitelisted)
Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/WildRPofficial

Our staff: Milq, Kono, Alby, Bananaz, Nexedis, JohnnyBlamz, Alby, Green, Dr_Pennysworth, Injected, Shakeweight, Terdwillow, Point

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You can watch our latest community meeting here -> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/572904500?filter=archives&sort=time

We are still looking for more talented C#/JS Developers to add to our fantastic team.

We are looking for developers that are familiar with C#, Javascript/Typescript, SQL, Git, and lifecycle development processes to assist in further rounding out our awesome dev team. We understand not everyone is a professional developer, and are fully willing to work with hobby developers, as long as they are willing to try and follow the existing systems.

We want people who are willing to work hard and not afraid to ask questions. Our staff team consists of 13 fantastic people who are splitting workloads and communicating effectively all with a main goal of creating the best possible RDR2 RedM role play experience. If you have any interest in joining our development team

please submit an application at https://wildrp.com/developer.php

Looks nice, that character customization is pretty dope

I am happy to say I am part or this server. It is in full swing. The staff team is amazing. The players are some of the best roleplayers I’ve ever seen personally. Its truly amazing to be apart of this server.