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Hi everyone!

I wanted to introduce our new RP server - WildLandsRP which is starting soon! If you are a fan of Roleplay, this news is for you!

What sets WildLandsRP apart?

  • Role-playing for everyone: Whether you want to be a notorious gunfighter, a loyal sheriff, or a skilled trader. Advanced character skill system allows for directing and developing characters along a previously chosen path.

  • Extensive economic system: On server, you can start your own business, engage in trading, hunt, compete in poker, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

  • Optimization: We understand the importance of a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Our server has undergone extensive optimization to ensure stable performance.

  • Detailed Interiors: We have meticulously designed and implemented a wide variety of interiors to explore within the game world.

  • Advanced mechanics: A dynamic weather system allows the world to be even more imersive. This system allows us to dynamically generate atmospheric fronts.Inventory system allows you to manage your items as you want.

  • An evolving world: Our community is constantly working on updates to provide new content and improve existing features. We value your feedback and suggestions!

We also wanted to mention that we have previous experience with running servers, and WildLandsRP.net will be our second active project.

We are looking for people to join the sheriff and doctor factions. Do you want to uphold the law or help others? We are waiting for you!

If you are interested in joining an adventure on WildLandsRP, I invite you to visit our website at WildLandsRP.net. There you will find all the necessary information regarding our terms and conditions.


Heads up, Cowboys!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. We are overjoyed to announce that the WildLandsRP server will officially open today at 3pm (UTC)! :tada:
Ready your steeds and polish your revolvers!

See y’all on the server, partners!

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