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Wild Riders RP is a RedM RP is a server that that knows how to have fun and let’s players push rp to the limits.

A few things about us:

  • Our main goal for creating this community is to provide a place where people can feel welcomed and not feel like just another number in a large community. Each day we are growing and looking to welcome more people.
  • We have a super friendly community that loves to help one another and play other games together, along with active staff that are there for you each and every step of the way.
  • We are a serious RP server and take out rules very seriously.
    Some of our features we have are listen below.

What does WRRP Offer?

:star: Working Stables
:star: Working gun Stores
:star: Working trains
:star: Working general Stores
:star: Jobs: Hunting, Wood chopping, mining, wagon deliveries Etc…
:star: Doctors are able to be revived
:star: Bank Robberies
:star: Store Robberies
:star: Player base black market
:star: Working Herbs
:star: Much More!

Discord : Wild Riders RP

Horse Trainers making magic happen.


  • Store item prices have been lowered. This will be the start of balancing the economy.
  • Unemployed will get a small Check from the States.
  • Pets have changed. The old script was too complicated and always bugged. You can have a max of 2 pets. This does not include horses.
  • Ranches are changing. The Ranch owners will be setting up their new ranch.
  • Newspaper framework has been added. Keep an eye out for the first edition in the County.

MLO Changes

A big thanks to @Micah-Callahan for the amazing work.

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• Rustic Meadows Stables is set up and open for business. (Mc Farlands Ranch)
• General Stores are now open in multiple towns/cities with basic supplies to get you started.
• Metabolism has been updated so you can now eat and drink. Keep an eye on the temperatures and dress accordingly
• Mine down in Tumbleweed has opened. Head down to pick up a pick axe to get started. You can sell your materials at the same shop you buy your pick axe,. (Just drag the materials over to the shop to sell)
• Gunshops have opened in Valentine and St. Denis.

  • Police Jobs got a upgrade. This is a WIP as we are still inquiring the Archives for it to integrate into the system.
  • Upgraded Butcher
  • Posters can now be put on telephone poles around the Counties
  • Gold panning has been added. Will upgrade in the future.
  • Updated Inventory API
  • Updated Ranch - This should fix some api issues.
  • We are working on details to allow people to form Posses.
  • Updated Core API
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  • Switched to a different housing system.
  • Updated Ranches. Fix for not being able to feed animals.
  • Switched door locks
  • Translated Mail to ENG
  • Changed pricing to broadcast mail to all players. (This is for advertisements in County) – Cheaper to post flyers around County.
  • Reconfigured NPC loots

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Currently got a few horses for sale in the stables.

All horses will be trained and shoed
Storm - Solid Black Breton / Male / 6 years old - $210.00
Cinders - Silver Coat Breton / Female / 13 years old - $150
Lily - Brown Coat Foxtrotter / Female / 1 year old - $220
Blaze - Light Coat Breton / Male / 1 year old - $215

Just a small announcement on ⁠our :hammer_and_wrench:║change-log . I have spent a few hours last night while in vc chatting with a few others giving some sneak peaks as to what’s going on. The server will be more player driven then it was before.

What does this mean?
Well, In order for you to buy weapons and big meals for example, it will need to be made by players. This doesn’t mean every single thing won’t be available until a player makes it but the more unique items will.
The players will need to work with each other such as Ranchers/Farmers to get the ingredients for food. The miners will need to provide raw material to the Blacksmith that can make parts for Horsetrainers , Weaponsmiths, and so on. This adds a whole new level of RP which is what we strive for.

Awhile back we took a survey about the Community and one of the questions was Is there anything keeping you from playing on the server? If so, please explain. Most of the answers where not having people on server. We are a low populated server but it takes a Team to get up there. We have so much to offer we hate that people are not explorer the unlimited opportunities their Character can bring. I am usually on server most nights either fishing, hunting, mining, talking with locals, making money from my pelts/meat, or making things with my Character (I won’t go into lots of details so there isn’t a chance for meta).

Build a story and have fun with it.

Following Jobs need filled
Law - Must RP in server to get the position.
Doctors - Must RP in server to get the position.
Blacksmith (Must ⁠📥║create-a-ticket )
Ranch Hands - Must rp in server to get the position. We have a couple Ranch Owners already.
Saloon Owners - (Must ⁠📥║create-a-ticket ) Then rest is rp getting it setup.
Weaponsmith (Must ⁠📥║create-a-ticket )


  • Updated artifacts
  • New pause screen - WIP
  • Gangs aka Posse are now an option.


  • Herbs added in. This will add to more shit down the line. What can you do? RP it in server and find out :wink:
  • New Trailer Video Posted - Check it out on our YT page. Be sure to like and Subscribe for upcoming content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1xVTWHDPQs