Why being forced to use steam?

What’s with the change to steam instead of IP? All IP scripts I had working fine prior to the last client update are no longer working… to me it seems we are being forced to have steam running for scripts…

There’s no such change, though?

Define ‘IP scripts’, and define ‘no longer working’.

All the scripts I use (which is only 3) that use an identifier for admin (IP, steamid) I have had set with IP… as of the last client update the other day they no longer accept the IP… the script still works and starts just fine… but a user being defined by an IP is no longer recognized. It couldnt have been Anything edited because I have not done a code edit in 2 weeks

That’s probably because you are expecting identifier [1] to be an IP, when now it is a unique license identifier if Steam isn’t running. [2] will still be the IP if not using Steam, or you should do a loop to check if the identifier starts with ‘ip’.

If you replace any checks for ip:XXX with your own license identifier (license:XXX, see status in the server console when you’re connected) your scripts will work fine, and in fact even if your IP changes you’ll still have your access, even without Steam.

Again, this was always incorrect behavior, as you could see in the example return value on the wiki.

Also, this wasn’t a client update, but a server update, which you definitely would’ve had to manually apply.

Yes I did do the FX update and thought it might of been that but even reverting to an older version of FX didn’t change it… So if I’m unerstand this correctly I need to replace IP identifier with the identifier that the console gives me after status check?

Yes, it should start with license:.

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Awesome. Thanks for the help. Can be closed if need be. Thanks again

Hi to I have to digitally download the game to use fivem or can I buy it from the store and still use it

As I just said in the other thread you posted in…