Why are the servers only roleplay?

Why is there no Deatmatch, races, PVP freeroam and etc?

i guess because it seems like people want roleplay servers. Plus i dont think fivereborn supports freeroam and deathmatch unless im wrong.

but why? there is nothing on the roleplay servers! the map is empty

rp servers are working on their maps. But then again i dont know why.

same as Sa-Mp, deatmatch would be super fun, and the rp is boring af

@GrAmmErX said in Why are the servers only roleplay?:

same as Sa-Mp, deatmatch/race would be super fun, and the rp is boring af

This is not obviously? That’s Alpha. Some people need to make gamemod like this. This MP is really young.

but not all of them

Why Roleplay? I don’t know lot of peoples like features, what Roleplay servers can give u, + why Roleplay is not fun? It is, if u have nice company, and with GTA V features Roleplay will be Super fun. I’m too creating Roleplay gamemode, but maybe in future i will create more gamemodes. Let’s see…

People, must make game mode like this first. Not only devs can make new gamemods, also every player can make it if he can. Here you can find also special section for gamemods, but as you can see, no one starting making this.

SA-MP was really popular with the RP servers. I personally don’t enjoy them tbh. Personally I’m going to try hosting a DD server if this client doesn’t end up like FiveM.

I personally hate RP servers in any game because they’re full of power-tripping assholes/admins, kid admins or griefers.
The rules are all basically “no fun allowed” and they try to take themselves very seriously which isn’t fun.
I’ve had enough of RP in Garry’s Mod and SA-MP, so I’d be glad if there were more deathmatch/race servers.

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Yuk go play some GTA online maybe