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About GoldenState RP!

Our Discord

GoldenStateRP is a community that has been around for around 6 months now, we offer a realistic, professional, and safe environment for all people. We are DOJRP based, when it comes to how the communities operates and how departments are set out. Our Development Team has been working on the server for months to perfect how the community operates so their are zero mess ups or issues during Roleplay. We will not stop continuing to progress and make our community better, and we want to include you in that process.

What do we offer?

  • Fully Custom Community Invision Website - https://goldenstaterp.online
  • Fully custom TeamSpeak fit to our Community
  • Custom Framework by NAT2K15 Development
  • Custom Made Vehicles and Liveries
  • Retired & Active DOJRP Members as Leadership
  • 100+ Custom Civilian Vehicles
  • Very Experienced Developers
  • Endless Opportunities with Departmental and Leadership Factors
  • Rocket Cad
  • Very many departments with unique and great sub-divisions

Our Current Departments that are open!

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue
  • San Andreas Communications Department
  • Civilian Operations

A Few Pictures of our Fleet!


this server is fun and worth the application to join it has many divisions of roleplay and police Check it out to see more

Best Roleplay Server Out There, I’m The Proud Recruit & Training Director

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Best Roleplay Server I’ve seen so far, they also have some of the best RPs!