Whitelist IP for Assets

I’m wanting to create and publish some assets and scripts, however, I want to ask for a small amount of money to purchase them. Is there a way to protect my work and essentially IP Whitelist the servers that purchase them from me? I’ve tried to find how to do this for a while now, but I fear I’m not using the correct keywords. :man_facepalming:

Any help would be appreciated, even as small as linking to another topic here.

When it comes to 3D assets and such (not some form of code), it’s barely possible to “IP whitelist” those. Your best bet is to create some “loader” file that will load the assets upon passing a check but you will still have to include those assets with the resource as they won’t load otherwise so it’ll always be open to someone who knows what they’re doing. You will stop, or at least hinder the so-called “script kiddies” anyhow lol
Scripts is easier, there’s a bunch of obfuscation tools around, however it’s not recommended as, from what I know, obfuscated scripts are already being blocked from loading onto servers by the FXServer core (or something like that, I’m nowhere near an expert in servers so don’t quote me :laughing:). Since you mentioned asking for “a small amount of money”, your best bet IMO is to rely on people’s decency - your losses are minor at worst anyway. Even if it gets uploaded to some shady website, that’s not a guarantee that it’ll be stolen and used by everyone who sees it.

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