Which programming language is faster?

so for awhile i’ve been using lua as my programming resource but recently i’ve been thinking on which might be faster C# or lua? so i thought it’d be a good idea to ask about it!

so here we are

now i’ve been wanting to learn C# for FiveM for quite awhile now, as i am kind of getting tired of lua lol but the question in mind is which language is faster?

is it C#? or
is it LUA?

if lua is faster then how would it be faster? is it because you can have only 1 server and client file?

if C# if faster then how would it be faster? is it because you can basically have all functions in one or whatnot? (again i don’t know C# at all)

anyway i just figured i’d ask

also with the C# question in mind are there any videos on it or guides i could use to help me?

As in fast, do you mean faster in the running process or writing it.

really the running process

Most say that lua executes the natives better. But either or. Both work, if you want something fresh to do by all means do C#

C# is my favorite as I have never really had it slow down on me plus its object oriented so code can be structured well and kept in a readable state in larger projects. I guess Lua or JS would be the faster of the languages but I still prefer C# or JS over Lua. Only thing I use Lua for now is the resource file and disabling traffic / ai as for some reason in C# those natives make the resource ms time jump up and down. Everything else is fine afaik.

JS is actually the slowest. Lua is technically the fastest but by a very small margin.

You should choose a language that suits your needs rather than what is faster. You won’t notice the difference


Ah. I didn’t think it was the slowest language on FiveM so I just took a wild guess :smile:

thanks for the suggestions and tips @d0p3t and @xander1998 for telling me your Favorite is C# i am going to try out C# :smiley: i just got the example working off of the Documentations i hope i can learn more about it i feel great to start coding in C# :smiley:

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