Which mods do you use on FiveReBorn either Server or Client side? LETS MAKE A LIST!

I find sometimes it’s tough to test many mods/scripts on FiveReBorn just to find they don’t work, or they work for some people but don’t work for others. I thought it’d be a good idea to start a thread where people can list the mods they are using, and any special steps they had to take to get it to work with FiveReBorn!

I’ll edit this original post as the list grows…

Keep in mind these are CLIENT side mods and CANNOT be used on the server side to send to clients. However I’m not sure about POLICEMOD as it’s a DOTNET script, if anyone knows whether or not this can be done, and how to, if it can, please let us know!

I’ll start with a few simple trainers/mods…


ENHANCED REBORN - Modified EnhancedTrainer to work with FiveReBorn, almost a must have!

Download link: http://enhancedreborn.download/

Installation: Fairly simple, drop the ASI file to your Fivereborn\plugins\ folder, and the XML file to your root Fivereborn folder.

F1 to open the menu (using NUMPAD arrow keys to navigate the menu, with NUMPAD 0 being the BACK/EXIT button.
F2 to no clip (using WSAD to move around, Q to move up, Z to move down and LEFT SHIFT to change speed.


OPEN INTERIORS - Have the ability to walk in to most interiors in the game, including police stations etc. which is great for RP.

Download Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors

Installation: Copy the Openinteriors.asi to your fivereborn\plugins folder. The INI isn’t required unless you want to configure the options as to which blips to show or no blips etc. If you do want to configure, just copy the INI files to your root fivereborn folder, also copy it to your root GTA5 folder and make sure if you edit it, you copy the edited file to both root directories of Fivereborn and GTA5. (Some mods read the INI files from root Fivereborn, other from root GTA5, so I always put them in both to be safe)


PLAYER LOCATION DISPLAY - Displays the location and direction on the bottom, just to the right of the mini map in a very non-obtrusive way. This is a must have for any type of role play!

Download Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/player-location-display-v3-50

Installation: Copy the ASI file to Fivereborn\plugins. I don’t use the INI file, but if you want to configure, copy to both root folders of Fivereborn and GTA5.


The following mods have similar installation instructions to Player Location Display, where the ASI files go in to the Fivereborn\plugins folder and INI files go in the root folders of Fivereborn and GTA5.

AMBIENCE - Menu/Trainer that has some good options or animations etc.
Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/ambiance

SIMPLE TRAINER - Menu/Trainer that I find can be navigated much quicker than EnhancedReborn, but it’s still a good idea to run them side by side as EnhancedReborn has some features that Simple Trainer does not. In the INI file, the button for CLOSING the menu can be used to open AND close, where as the button to OPEN the menu, only opens it, but doesn’t close it. So I just use the CLOSE button…
Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav


POLICEMOD 2.0 - Alternative to LSPD:FR (Since FiveReBorn doesn’t support RagePluginHook, we can use PoliceMod 2, it’s actually pretty good!)

Download link: http://gtafiles.gtainside.com/downloads/ftph/1439899376_4041d8-PoliceMod2.zip

Installation: Now this requires some care as it took a while for me to get this working, when installed the menu will pop up but I wasn’t able to pull anyone over until I saw this post: http://www.fivereborn.com/topic/527/got-policemod-2-working-but-with-one-bug/53

Here is a summarized version of the instructions, it worked perfectly for me:
In the download open/extract the folder for MANUAL INSTALLATION.

The following files should be copied in to your GTA5 root folder:
ScriptHookV.dll / ScriptHookVDotNet.dll / dinput8.dll / PoliceMod2.ini

The following files should be copied in to your Fivereborn\plugins folder:
dinput8.dll / ScriptHookVDotNet.asi / ScriptHookVDotNet.dll

The Following files should be copied in to your Fivereborn\plugins\scripts folder:
PoliceMod2.ini / PoliceMod2.dll / NativeUI.dll / POLICEMOD
The last one is the PoliceMod folder which will go in to the plugins\scripts folder. (Leaving the directory structure looking like fivereborn\plugins\scripts\policemod)

Inside that PoliceMod folder, you’ll see two PNG files, delete those… Don’t know why, but this enables the menu to show up!

That’s in! Open the PoliceMod2.ini file to edit the controls, default controls are:
F3 - Realistic Duty (Haven’t figured out how to use this, any insight would help!)
F5 - Open Menu (Using NUMPAD arrows to navigate, or controller input is supported with the A button to select)
F6 - Backup Menu
J - Toggle on/off police siren sounds on your own vehicle
L - Toggle on/off radio
K - Toggle between BUSY mode and AVAILABLE mode
E - Arrest key
Left Shift - Pull over vehicle (Only works on NPC’s, not other online players)

Keep in mind the script isn’t perfect, for me at least, when I try to pull someone over, first you have to go behind the vehicle you want to pull over, then press the LSHIFT key, if nothing pops up on the top left, or the yellow arrow doesn’t show up next to the driver door of the suspect, try turning on your siren and press LSHIFT again, if nothing, turn off the siren and try again. Keep trying until either the suspect stops or you see a message on the top left saying “Press SHIFT and then turn on your siren, and press SHIFT again” Do what the message says and eventually you’ll get a yellow arrow next to the driver door of the suspect, at which point you can step out and begin the traffic stop routine. Also, for me at least, whenever I ask the suspect to step out of the vehicle, he tends to walk away until I point a weapon at him and press LSHIFT or E a few times to stop and arrest him. Also, once the suspect is in cuffs and you ask for a transport, DO NOT LEAVE until the suspect has been picked up. When the vehicle arrives, walk the suspect to the vehicles and he should get in. If you walk away or something happens and the menu stays on your screen, just walk up to a random NPC, try to arrest them but then select SET FREE at the bottom, that should get rid of the menu and you can continue on. If anyone has any other bugs or suggestions to work this a bit better, please reply. However, so far, it’s not too bad of a script as it is to at least role play by yourself or with others. Keep in mind, call outs don’t work. Well, they work but other online players cannot see what’s going on. So you can turn it off in the INI file if you want.

This final mod is PoliceMenu. When you install this, you have to overwrite the Nativeui.DLL file, which for some reason makes POLICEMOD stop working, but POLICEMENU works. However if you use the Nativeui.DLL that came with POLICEMOD, then POLICEMOD will work, but POLICEMENU stops working! So it seems you can only use one or the other, but make a backup of your original Nativeui.dll if you plan on diagnosing this issue, I would love to use both mods but can’t at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/policemenu-v



For RP purposes: Knight Rider mod with ALL_VEHICLES set to TRUE in the INI.

Other than that: EnhancedReborn and that’s it.

KITT Mod can be downloaded at https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/knight-rider-k-i-t-t-net

From what I read, seems like a very useful mod for RP, I’m starting it up now to see how it performs!

Also, as mentioned in Rstein’s post, definitely change the second last option in the INI file to TRUE, it will look like this:


Now I’m not sure what the last option does, because I did not install the DLC which is the KITT Car Model. The rest of the files, the DLL, INI and the folder for sounds can go in to the fivereborn/scripts folder. Once tested I’ll add it to the original post… Thanks Rstein!

Lets get some more mods in this thread! I know there must be a ton of people who use some great mods that people aren’t aware of!!!

Policemod no longer seems to work, but pretty much any .asi works like ex atmosphere.asi or autobliknkers etc

@vAlentino718 I wouldn’t use it for RP purposes (unless your name is Rstein/me) because people WILL go apeshit if they see you using Turbo Boost or Pursuit Mode. (i’m looking at you, GEC admins and players)

Or the fact that your car becomes indestructible. (because a destructible KITT would be lame tbh)

@Rstein By the way, the KR mod makes my game startup quite buggy, sometimes it crashes with the infamous CitizenFX error.

Other times it works fine somehow.

how do you install the police mod

Someone has the mod to surrender with the X key ?

how do you make like a login menu when you get on the server

Hello, could anyone give me the mod to lie down?