Where to put Content.xml ? Thank You!

Hi, guys I was able to add-on cars for my five-reborn games. However, I can’t modification [tune] the cars because I dont know where to put the content.xml.
Vehicle.Meta = Five Reborn ( Folder)> citizen>common>data>levels>gta5
Carcols.meta= Five Reborn ( Folder)> citizen>dlc>dlc_mpchistmas2>common>data
yft and ytd = Server Side > stream.

The cars was able to load and spawned.
Now if I can know where to put the content.xml of the dlc_mpchristmas2 , the I will able to add on many cars that is work with tune. If anyone know help me PLEASE. Thanks in advance. :D!
As you can see here

@burn1496 you don’t need content.xml, the modification files can be streamed by the server

@burn1496 and how did you do the vehicle.meta and handling.meta? because i think you did it wrong

@pipje2001 So this is my where i put my file.
vehicle ytd and ytf in server stream.
vehicle meta in citizen> common >data>levels>gta5
handling in citizen>common>data

And what u mean that I’m wrong. I was able to spawn the car. The picture I post above is an add on car. I just dont know where to put the Upgrade to such as silvia3_bump.ytf , silvia3_hood.ytf … I did try put it in stream folder. It give me a crash after I join my server at the loading screen.
Thank You Helping me out . :smiley:

you might need the carcols.meta for the parts to make sure theyre properly alligned etc but that would go into citizen/ and after adding the car did you add the parts with it and delete cache or add car delete cache started server ? and then added parts and tried ? without deleting cache ?

I add car for folder stream in server names cars.
And part i put it in different stream folder which called s14.
I already put the carcols.meta that how it show up the upgrade to choose in the picture. But the part didnt appeal because I can’t load it. If i put it in stream folder , it just show that window has stop working .

This what I get i at the loading screen after put the tuning parts.

@burn1496 what i mean is did you edit the original vehicle.meta and handling.meta? if you did not the game won’ t work propperly