Where´s the console?

Hey guys.
When im pressing the f8 menu this comes:

→ WHERES THE CONSOLE? The console is currently disabled as youre not on a server running in development mode…

pls help me i wanna play!!!

Thanks man

Merci/Thanks :grinning:

Don’t change to Canary because you don’t have the console. You can connect to any server via the “Play” section. Just enter the join link/ip and press enter.

Canary should only be used by developers

thousands of users use the console on a day to day basis and y’all just took it out


Thank You! Literally only good answer I’ve seen so far that works, thank god the community is out here or we’d be lost.

And why did u disabled the consoles, thousands of users use it on a day to day, not just for developing…

Thanks for the solution.