Where is netEventLog 1?

Server Artifact Version:
2844 (I think, what ever is recent and released 4/6/24
Operating System (Windows/Linux):
Windows 11
Error screenshot (if any):
Im trying to find netEventLog 1 but cant find it.
Crash files (if any):
Cant Locate Server Side
Server config (server.cfg):
Path to server files:
Path to cfx-server-data files:
Cant Find
Describe your issue
I am trying to locate “netEventLog 1” and fix whatever scripts that are “overloading/spamming” causing our players to get the “reliable network overflow” crash. i can send more info with comments
What have you tried?
At the moment, nothing. I have looked around and cant find out how to locate or find “netEventLog 1” and love help!

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