When will people learn?

As the title says.

There are multiple fresh RP servers starting each and every day, and nearly none of them do good. People just have to start learning to be different, there are way too many RP servers, no one is gonna find a freshly new server! Another problem I have is too many server developers not having any software engineering knowledge and just going with plain old’ ESX and all having the same content, which to be fair, no one likes that. When will they learn?



Not to toot my own horn, but I run a server, and we decided to go against using ESX, and developing our own CAD/MDT mod from scratch. Granted, I own the physical server and maintain the server itself (I don’t know how to script/mod etc…within FiveM)…but there are 2-3 developers all working together.

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Oh my god, yes. I swear every time someone goes “I’m starting a Florida based ESX server”, someone hits their computer with a hammer.

Is your idea original? You think it is? Have you researched it? Oh wait, hundreds of servers have done it. And your name is already used by 50 other servers. And you’re sitting there, zero knowledge on how to install resources or run a roleplay server, saying “this will be the best server on FiveM”

I mean, at least my server uses a unique name, and vehicles that no other server uses. I’m all for original ideas, it’s just there are barely any.


I agree with you Carried.

As for our server name, unfortunately, it is far from unique…but it shouldn’t really be about the name…it should be about quality and content.

I will admit, some of the vehicles we use on our server are widely used, but we only use them because we find them to be absolutely amazing looking. We also do look to find unique vehicles that no one has or are rarely used, then skin them to how we want to use them.

Congratulations. You’re basically just doing the same as everyone else, except that you made it yourself.
Reinventing the wheel as we say.
Why not deviate and make something different?

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Yeah. I’ve got at least 3 concepts planned that no other server has done. The only thing that’s limiting me is a lack of scripting ability. Because that’s another thing: if you’re going to get developers just to reinvent the wheel, then what’s the point? There’s already a shortage of decent script developers for FiveM, so if you need 5 developers just to do something that’s been done before, except worse, then that’s just a waste of time.

I don’t have to much say in the CAD/MDT…like I said before, I am just the Server Admin for the physical server, and I make sure the FiveM instance is running…I leave the scripting/modding and other decisions to people who know what they are doing. I have never RP’ed, this will be my first time. So I am learning as I go.

I am always open to new suggestions though, to learn and what not.

I have server written from scratch. It is not about rp but nobody plays it. But a lot of people enjoy playing rp esx based servers with a lot of error. So do people should learn something?)

People play on ESX servers because thats all they have… they want rp experiences with different features. ESX is almost photo copied on most servers server to server so they stick to what they have. If there were more servers ran like the larger ones (TFRP / NoPixel) then those ESX servers would lose some publicity.

Don’t be shitlords and it won’t matter the framework you are or aren’t using. Our community let’s us know we’re awesome because of the fair administration, clean play and sense of community provide and not because we do or don’t have a fueler job. If you think you’re not gaining members because other people are running carbon copy servers and taking your playerbase away, I’ve got some bad news for you.

Also, this topic definitely fits the praise category OP posted it in.

I agree, but most of them people don’t even have any experience. They just have base jobs, base content and that’s it. When you see 100’s of the same server over and over again, it makes me not want to play base servers again.

Seeing the same server over and over again is lame. In game player interaction is cool but I am sorry when there is nothing to do but the same shit all the other servers have it 100% makes people not wanna play and of course people stick to a community that has good in game play because thats all they are gonna find… finding a server that is actually different isnt in their book of tasks since it really doesnt exist…

I dont play on ESX servers anymore. FiveM was built to be able to do anything you want on it. Any gamemode or variation of gamemode can be created. There is no reason why communities dont explore more.

Its the same in the italian community, everyone just open a server using standard modules and copy pasted resources and start calling themselves “scripters”. The few I’ve found who didn’t have already their copycat server and actually knew something about coding wanted to be paid. Its sad cause if you want to develop something cool and innovative it takes 3 times more than it would if people weren’t so closed minded

Unique RP means 5000 modded cars and the same top 100 ESX resources omegalul

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Another problem I have is that too many server owners just place as shown above, 5000 modded cars. They don’t know the impact that it has on their server performance. People just want cars, cars, card but there is too much of an issue with them.