When someone goes offline the car become a ghost, no body can get in

Please help me, every time when someone crashes or exiting inside of his car, the car become a ghost, its impossible to delete or get in. Any solution? Thanks in advance. Even if is outside of the car and goes out from the server its impossible to go inside the car or delete witg cardel and dv.

What resources do you have involving vehicles?

eden garage 2.0 and thats all. esx_edengarage2

thanks for the response, please help me

Do me a favor and to start our debug process add a # in front of the start resources for your Eden related plugins, and if possible esx related plugins. This way we can narrow down which resource could be causing the issue.

Ok i made those steps and theres no problem when we are less than 5 or 10 players, but the deal start when we 20 or more players on the server. Its like when we go offline our ped is still detected inside of the vehicle or im not really sure.

I got something called ft_libs on the garage dependencyes too, theres any possible solution for this problem? Thanks


Have you found a solution? I have encountered this kind of problem recently

No, i think its something to be with the onesync system

try using set onesync_forceMigration true on your server.cfg

This work perfectly!!! thanks foregz

I have a similar problem. as soon as a stranger gets into my car and drives away. I can’t see how the car is moving and I can’t get into my car afterwards